Eligibility Status Report as of Dec 18, 2018

Each trading day, FINRA publishes a list of OTCBB issuers that are repeatedly late or otherwise delinquent in filing required reports and, thus, subject to ineligibility pursuant to FINRA Rule 6530(e).* Specifically, the list identifies OTCBB issuers that have either been delinquent in filing required annual and quarterly filings at least two times in the prior two-year period and those issuers that have been removed for failure to file an annual or quarterly filing at least once in the prior two year period.

Eligibility Status Report as of Dec 18, 2018 Eligibility Status Report Information


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Filing Type


Issuer Name Issuer Symbol # of Late Filings Filing Type Period End Date Filing Due Date Status

Data Field Definition
Issuer Name Name of issuer
Issuer Symbol Ticker symbol of issuer
# of Late Filings How many filings have been late
Filing Type The type of filing on record
Period End Date Date of period end
Filing Due Date Due date of filing
Status Current status of the filing

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