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The Symbol Directory provides a search function to locate issues by name or symbol. The directory is available for both OTC Bulletin Board ®(OTCBB) issues and other-OTC issues.

If you are unable to locate a particular issue in this directory, it may be due to a symbol or name change. Use the Daily List Search feature to determine whether a change has been made.

Click here for information on Fifth Character Identifiers for issue symbols.

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All issue symbols on the OTC Bulletin Board® are either four or five letters long. A fifth letter means the issue is something other than an issue of common or capital stock.

Listed below are the fifth letter identifiers and a description of what each represents:

Character Description
A Class A
B Class B
D New
E Delinquent in required SEC filings
F Foreign issues, except ADRs
G,H, & I Additional warrants or preferreds
J Voting
K Nonvoting
L Miscellaneous situations, such as stubs, depositary receipts, second units, or additional warrants or preferred
M Fourth preferred, same issuer
N Third preferred, same issuer
O Second preferred, same issuer
P First preferred issue
Q Bankruptcy - involved in bankruptcy proceedings
R Rights
S Shares of beneficial interest
U Units
V When-issued and when-distributed
W Warrants
Y ADR (American Depositary Receipts)
Z Miscellaneous situations, such as stubs, depositary receipts, limited partnership units, or additional warrants or units