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Daily List Date/Time Eff/Ex Date/Time Symbol New Sym Fincl Status New Fincl Status Market Issue Name Details

Abbreviation Full Name
Daily List Date Daily List Date/Time
DL Reason Change Reason
Eff/Ex Date Effective/Ex Date
Subject to Corp Action
Issue Type Issue Type
Symbol Old Symbol
New Sym New Symbol
Class Old Class
New Class New Class
Fincl Status Old Financial Status Indicator
New Fincl Status New Financial Status Indicator
Issue Name Old Issue Name
New Issue Name New Issue Name
Old ADR Ratio
NewADR Ratio
Maturity Old Maturity Date
New Maturity New Maturity Date
Market Old Market Category
New Markt New Market Category
Offering Type
OATS Rptbl Old OATS Reportable Flag
New OATS Rptbl New OATS Reportable Flag
Units Old Unit of Trade
New Units New Unit of Trade
Reg Fee Old Reg Fee Flag
New Reg Fee New Reg Fee Flag
Forward Split Ratio
Reverse Split Ratio
Cash Amount
Declare Dt Declaration Date
Record Dt Record Date
Payment Dt Payment Date
Pay Method Payment Method
ADR Dividend Fee
ADR Tax Relief Fee
ADR Gross Rate
ADR Net Rate
ADR Issuance Fee
ADR Withholding Tax
Qualified Dividend Code
Non-ADR/GDR Dividends/Distributions/Splits (Non-ADR/GDR)
ADR/GDR Dividends/Distributions/Splits (ADR and GDR only)

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