List of OTCBB Filing Delinquent Companies as of Nov 18, 2018

Each trading day, FINRA publishes a list of issuers that it believes are non-compliant with FINRA Rule 6530 (the “Eligibility Rule”). An issuer is generally added to this list on the date that the symbol is appended with an “E” modifier. This is generally two business days after notification is published on the OTCBB Daily List. An issue is removed from this list one business day after FINRA determines that it is eligible for quotation, or the issue is no longer quoted on the OTCBB.

Delinquent Companies List Delinquent Companies List Information

Issuer Name Issuer Symbol Reason Not Eligible Grace Period Expiration Date

Data Field Definition
Issuer Name Name of issuer
Issuer Symbol Ticker symbol of issuer
Reason Not Eligible Reason for non-eligibility
Grace Period Expiration Date Date of expired grace period

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